Die Wien

The Wien River

A film by Robert Schabus

47 minutes
Concept, camera, film editing: Robert Schabus
Music: matthias erian . me
Assistance: Gerald Freimuth
Cineflex-aerial shots: Zeggl-Film

In the course of its history, the Wien river has always influenced the developments on its banks.
It all began with the decision to create the Roman camp next to the Vedunia (forest stream). Later it turned into the river Wien, which became the lifeline of Vindobona thanks to its fresh water and the opportunities stemming from it.
Two millennia and many redirections, fires and reconstructions later, the history can still be seen through the structures. The Wien valley has always been and still is one of the most important area-defining parts of the city. It serves as a looking glass, showing developments as well as social problems more clearly.
A good half of the Wien is outside the urban area — from Kaiserbründl at the Kaiserbrunnberg, past Tullnerbach and through the Vienna Forest Lake (Wienerwaldsee), through Purkesdorf to the city limit, Wientalstraße, Vienna Row (Wienzeile), city park (Stadtpark) to the mouth at the Urania, the Wien meanders on a slow journey from the rural to the metropolitan area, from the recreational area to the urban center, from the living space into the work space.
The film follows this journey. Not evaluating historically, but observing quietly. Not explaining, but inquiring and talking to the people by the river.