Carinthia - A century beneath the Mittagskogel mountain
A film by Robert Schabus

43 minutes
Directed by: Robert Schabus
Scenic direction: Andrina Mračnikar
A co-production of ORF (editor: Tom Matzek), Graf Film (produced by: Klaus Graf; Annemarie Pilgram) and the Ministry of Education and Women’s Affaires.
Broadcasted: June 7th 2016, ORF2
As part of the series: UNIVERSUM HISTORY - OUR AUSTRIA
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The course of a century beneath the Mittagskogel mountain is personalized and narrated over four generations. Franc Ressmann, Sr. has recorded his memories of the First World War, which were later published in form of a book under the title "Rod pod jepo" ("A Slovenian chronicle from Carinthia 1914-1945"). In 1942, the Carinthian-Slovenian Ressmann family was deported to a labour camp and their farm was taken over by optants from the Val Canale (Kanaltal). After their return in 1945, the family had to reorient itself in post-war Europe. The conflict about the Slovenian minority in Carinthia has been frozen for a long time and reaches into the present day.