Bauer Unser

Bauer unser

2016, Austria
A film by Robert Schabus

92 minutes
Concept, direction: Robert Schabus
Camera: Lukas Gnaiger
Film editing: Paul Michael Sedlacek, Robert Schabus
Sound recording: Bertram Knappitsch
Production assistance: Barbara Hofmarcher
Sound design, music: Andreas Frei
Re-recording mix: Bernhard Maisch
Line producer: Katharina Bogensberger
Producer: Helmut Grasser
Production company: Allegro Film

'Up or out', or rather: 'Growing or going (away)' — over decades this motto has characterized Austrian agriculture. Thousands of farmers have given up or are operating their farms on a part time basis. Those remaining have grown, specialized, intensified their production and invested a lot.
Self-determined farmers have become rare. The peasantry, a once proud community, is now part of a (EU-supported) system made of dependencies, constraints and propaganda.
The documentary shows with an equally candid and composed view what is going on on Austria’s farms. As diverse as the farmers may be, from the organic farmer to the conventional agricultural engineer, they all share one unanimous opinion: It cannot go on like this. Something is going wrong.
"Exit?" (Bauer Unser = In the name of the farmer) shows how economic policy and society surrender more and more often to the industry. The pictures are not bright and rosy, but there are moments of hope. For example, when Simon Vetter, vegetable and cattle farmer from Vorarlberg, is proud of being a farmer who knows his clients and works hard at keeping it that way. Or when Maria Vogt, a peasant in the region Weinviertel, sais: „Hey, there is another way!“