Murau Montevideo
A film by Robert Schabus

Prores Digital HD
48 minutes
Concept, camera, film editing: Robert Schabus
Music: matthias erian . me
Research, editors: Werner Koroschitz, Uli Vonbank-Schedler
With: Bernhard (Bernardo) Reitmann, Judith Reitmann-Fuchs

Two places and two Jewish families are the centre of the documentary film Murau Montevideo. Bernhard (Bernardo) Reitmann, who fled with his parents, Sidonie and Alois, as a seven year old from Murau, Austria to Montevideo, Uruguay remembers life in his city of birth, the escape and the difficult new start in South America. Even after 75 years in Montevideo he feels an intense home sickness for Austria, or as he puts it ā€” ā€œIā€™m almost at home in Europe.ā€œ
His niece Judith Reitmann-Fuchs narrates from the perspective of the following generation about the life of her father Theodor and her grandparents, who also fled to Montevideo.
The very personal memories of these two are framed by pictures from Murau and Montevideo.