Ich war am Eismeer

I was at the Arctic Sea

Carinthian perspectives on Jewry
A film by Simone Katholnig and Robert Schabus

36 minutes

Editors: Simone Katholnig and Robert Schabus
Camera and film editing: Robert Schabus

This documentary was made for a seminar during my studies. In a lecture given by Prof. Dietmar Larcher we visited the concentration camp Theresienstadt. My colleague Simone Katholnig and I tried to shift the debate on this topic to a level closer to ourselves, closer to home, closer to Carinthia. We have talked to the daughter of the last board member of the Jewish community in Klagenfurt, to a group of women organizing Jewish dance events, as well as a general of the Wehrmacht. We also did interviews on the streets of Friesach, formerly the biggest Jewish community of Carinthia. We followed many different traces — sometimes with appaling results.