How can you call it Heimat
A film by Robert Schabus

48 minutes

Research: Werner Koroschitz
Editors: Robert Schabus, Werner Koroschitz
Camera, film editing: Robert Schabus
Production: Verein für Industriekultur und Alltagsgeschichte

"How can you call it 'Heimat'?", asks Leo Fischbach in the documentary of the same name. As an Austrian/Carinthian of Jewish origin born in 1912, Fischbach was subjected to repeated harassments and "insults" by his class mates during his school days in Villach and emigrated in 1938. The film documents the emigration of Carinthians before and after the Second World War and asks about the motives for emigrating, about life in the new homeland USA and about the respective meaning of the term 'home-land' ('Heimat' in German).