Hermanngasse 4 – Wien Museum Karlsplatz

Hermanngasse 4 - Wien Museum Karlsplatz

A film by Robert Schabus

26 minutes
Camera, film editing: Robert Schabus
With: Alma Brunialti
Commissioned by: Wien Museum

Usually one goes on a journey from an intentionally chosen point of departure to a defined point of arrival. The time and movement between these two points is mostly secondary. Conversely, during a pram/stroller ride, the route itself comes to the fore, as well as the perceptual perspective of the passenger, for whom there is not yet a concrete goal to be reached.
During the pram/stroller ride from Hermanngasse to Karlsplatz, the urban area is captured by a film camera mounted at a low-lying perspective, offering unusual insights and views of urban life.
The cinematic combination of actively pushing and passively being pushed allows the spectators to assume the position of the passenger. Out of this narrow, focused perspective the city life is directly absorbed.