Hotel Obir
A film by Robert Schabus

30 minutes
Camera, interviews, film editing: Robert Schabus
Music: matthias erian . me
With: Heinz Haderlap, Peter Kuchar, Irma Haderlap, Gottfried Besser, Maria Traunik
Production: UNIKUM in cooperation with ZARJA

“Hotel Obir memorializes the last big »Tito business« in Bad Eisenkappel. The story being told is the one of a Slovenian hotel, which opened 1977 against the protest of the »Heimattreuen« (patriots). It gradually turned into a meeting place for ethnic groups. Tragic circumstances forced it to close in 2003. Robert Schabus combines the memories of former employees with poetic images of the orphaned hotel and thus depicts the sensitive portrait of a community characterized by economic decline.”
(Translation of the German text by UNIKUM, September 2008)